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CIVAI portfolio app
CIVAI portfolio app

The portfolio app that earns while you sleep

Choose an asset and let the algorithm capture high profit trades automatically for you.

Forget terms like "missed the spike" or "held the drop" as machine learning strategies swipe the market for your benefit.

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Stay updated with the trusted investment platform.

Track what trades were made for you throughout any time period.

Receive messages in your inbox on the state of the market and the growing value of your portfolio.

Start earning passively in 4 easy steps:

It's simple, straight-forward and to the point.


Download the portfolio app on Apple Store or Google Play


Create your Crypto Exchange API and connect it with CIVAI. This will allow us trade your account assets automatically without being able to initiate withdraws.


With CIVAI you can select the amount of capital to invest, target profit margin on each trade and other levers.


After 24 hours or less, experience a hands-free, profit guaranteed, hassle-free approach to your crypto trading.

What users say

I had limited knowledge of investments before discovering Civai, which initially made me hesitant about entrusting my money to an AI. However, it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in recent times.

Daniel Thomas

Daniel Thomas


Great platform so far, I have not encountered a major issue yet, it may take a bit of time to learn and navigate through but it is well worth it.

Adeyemi Tayo

Adeyemi Tayo

Media personnel

Trading stocks with Omni Bot on CIVAI is a breeze. It demystifies the research process with clear guidance. I just invest, and watch my stock portfolio flourish

Adejobi Samuel

Adejobi Samuel


I was unfamiliar with healthcare diagnostics before discovering Medisix. Initially, I was hesitant to trust an AI with my health information, but it turned out to be one of the best choices I've made recently.

Fola Jacobs

Fola Jacobs

Business Woman

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Minimum Investment


Performance Fee



Our portfolio app is hinged on your success hence our decision to go with a zero perfomance fee structure and a bimonthly management fee for compliance. We believe in our technology so it's only right that we earn when you earn.

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